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What is your biggest cause of “overwhelm”?

Scenario #1

You are a solopreneur with a part-time assistant who comes in twice a week. You’ve reached a new level of success in your business, with several new short- to medium-term projects to be launched within the next couple of weeks. Your assistant has suffered injuries in a fall that has placed her in the hospital for the next several weeks, so the entire management process for these projects falls upon you. How will you keep all the projects on schedule?

Scenario #2

You have been so busy over the past several months that your e-mail inbox has reached critical mass. There are several messages that require responses, many more that need to be filed, and even more that need to be deleted. You have made the painful, but unavoidable decision to purge the box and start “clean.” But your workload shows no sign of decreasing, and you don’t want to repeat the same behavior that caused you to need to purge your inbox in the first place. How can you manage the e-mail deluge successfully?

Scenario #3

A wealthy and influential client has entrusted you with a lucrative project. But the client is also overbearing, distrustful, and rude. You have reached the point where you dread working on the project because of the negative interactions that you have had with the client, and find yourself avoiding it. An interim deadline is fast approaching and you are not sure that you can meet it because you’ve been putting off working on the latest phase of the project. What should you do?


Making Productivity Easy™

My Making Productivity Easy™ training and coaching programs will provide you with the confidence and conviction to handle these and other challenges so that you can enjoy less stress, more income, greater job satisfaction, and better work/life balance &#8211 all of which will lead you to find peace through your increased productivity!

As a successful time management trainer and coach for professionals in the niche industry of preclinical safety assessment, I now help dedicated, “over-achieving” women solopreneurs “get over overwhelm” in their businesses to find clarity, prosperity, and peace of mind through increased productivity. Because I am a also woman solopreneur who works from home, I can easily relate to your problems and challenges with overwhelm because I have had them too! I run two small businesses and have over twelve years of experience in maximizing productivity within the constraints of the number of hours available for work each day.

Paris Muse of Productivity™

I am known as the Paris Muse of Productivity™ because I live in Paris, France! In my early days of training and coaching, I taught time management with a French twist – my assistants were the art, history, architecture and timepieces of the City of Light.

Eiffel Tower in Paris

See below what graduates of one of my time management programs have to say:

Monique’s time management course provided me with valuable tips and tools that I was able to use to immediately improve my time management capabilities. I found the session on focusing on an individual task especially useful, and have already employed several of the suggestions presented with noticeable positive results in this area.

Angela King-Herbert
Research Triangle Park, NC

The time management course presented by Dr. Monique Y. Wells was extremely useful and well done. It was presented in very manageable hour-long sessions using historical Paris as a backdrop and source of illustrative material. Small classes lend themselves to very dynamic and interactive sessions.

As a facilitator, Monique is engaging and a consummate professional.

I personally was able to identify, work on and improve two aspects of time management. This has already manifested as improved productivity and quality of life. I would unequivocally recommend this course.

David J. Uhlinger
Raritan, NJ

I participated in the Autumn 2010 Time Management: Inspiration and Implementation training course. The written course material was outstanding (and very inspirational with beautiful photos of Paris) and I appreciated the recordings of the sessions that I could access in case I was unable to attend a particular session.

I gained a lot of useful tips from this course. It helped me reflect upon and improve my time management, so I certainly can recommend it!

Annabelle Heier
Macclesfield, UK

Monique Wells’ course, Time Management: Inspiration and Implementation, was an invaluable source of techniques, tools, and tips to take control of all the flood of obligations, tasks, and minutia that prevent us from accomplishing our goals. The Paris metaphors are a unique and enjoyable approach to presenting the material. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who feels there just isn’t enough time in the day!

Mark Cesta
Research Triangle Park, NC


Today, I emphasize the “Muse” in Paris Muse because I work to inspire and motivate you to explore the underlying causes of your overwhelm and eliminate them while providing you with tips and tools to put you on the road to progress. You’ll be able to implement my strategies and tactics quickly and at NO ADDITIONAL COST (no expensive software or fancy charts and graphs required) to regain control over your workday.


Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris


The 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ System

Based on hard-earned experience, I have created a tried-and-true system to help women solopreneurs and women who work from home “get over overwhelm” in their businesses. With the 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ System, you’ll be able to get rid of your particular brand of overwhelm quickly and effectively and find peace through productivity!

This system is different because it forces you to look closely at your goals, which is something that most other coaches only pay lip service to – if they mention goals at all. Others assume that you should be working on all the projects that you currently have on your list. With 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ System, you will critically evaluate your list and ELIMINATE low-value projects from it, so that a path is cleared for focusing on your most important projects and identifying any aspects within them that may lead to overwhelm.

Here’s the outline for the 6-step system that will change your business and your life:

Step 1. Focusing / refocusing on your business goals – I’ll help you with this preliminary step so that you can quickly move on to the preparatory phase of my simple, tried-and-true, 6-step system.

Step 2. Critically evaluating the three most important projects that you are working on to see how well they align with your goals, your niche, and your product/service.

Step 3. Evaluating the remaining projects on your list by using the same method, and determining whether they should be on your list!

Step 4. Identifying the steps required to free yourself of those projects that may have “crept onto” your list, despite not being aligned with your current goals.

Step 5. Looking at the “good” projects remaining on your list and evaluating them for potential sources of overwhelm.

Step 6. Identifying the most important source of overwhelm in your most important projects and creating a plan to control or eliminate it.

As you advance through the training, you will

  • Experience less stress – you’ll feel comfortable about what you are not doing at work because you’ll be better at prioritizing your tasks
  • Earn more income – you’ll be more productive every day, which will enable you to increase your revenues
  • Have greater job satisfaction – you’ll produce better quality products and services, and more of them
  • Better work/life balance – you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends outside of work – anxiety-free!

IMPORTANT: Getting over overwhelm takes time. There is no magical overnight “cure” for the challenges that face you, and you’ll need to break old habits and establish new ones to make the progress that you desire. But if you have the will to improve, and if you stick with the system, in 30 days you’ll see remarkable results!


Couldn’t you use an increase in revenue, while enjoying a less stressful existence and more free time for your family, friends, and personal projects?


A Paris Café Terrace

I thought so!

If you prefer to work at your own pace, I recommend the home study (e-book) version of the The 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ System. This system has all the elements you need to make a quantum leap toward efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and increased revenue!

Price: $197

Use PayPal or your credit card to purchase. A PayPal account is NOT required to place your order.

Click below to access the system!


Note that the fee for the system is far lower than the fee that I charge for just ONE HOUR of my time. And remember – the strategies and tools that you’ll get from the system cost you nothing to implement. When you add up all this value, you’ve got a system that you MUST take advantage of!

Your Bonus Gift!

Invest in yourself and your business by purchasing the 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ system and receive the bonus gift of my e-book entitled:

Prioritizing for Productivity ($37 value)!

In this book, I present several possible reasons that you are not effectively prioritizing projects and tasks in your business, discuss the roadblocks that you’ll face in improving your ability to prioritize, debunk the myths that may be hampering your progress, and provide a detailed, step-by-step solution for this problem.

Take action now and receive your bonus gift today!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, within one year of purchase, you implement the steps presented in the system and find that you are not 100% satisfied with the results, I will refund your money – no questions asked.

Group Coaching

If you want to take advantage of more in-depth training, coaching and support, join my Making Productivity Easy™ Group Mentoring Program. This program is the “live” version of what you learn in the 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ e-document. It runs for 6 weeks, and I purposely keep the group small so that I can provide personalized attention. You’ll enjoy 6 training videos and 2 live Q&A calls, a private, online discussion forum, and recordings of all calls. This is a natural next step if you’re looking for personal support as you work through the 6 steps.


Lee Milteer, Intuitive Business Coach, Award Winning BEST Selling Author, and International Acclaimed Speaker, commented on the Making Productivity Easy system (formerly called 6 Simple Steps to Getting over Overwhelm) by saying:

Monique knows her stuff!!!


No matter where you are in your business, it’s easy to fall prey to overwhelm. Reaching a point at which the growing pains in my business had become an issue, I was grateful to participate in Dr. Monique Wells’ refreshing program, Making Productivity Easy (formerly called Getting Over Overwhelm). This enlightening program is packaged in a succinct series of 6 easily digestible videos with accompanying worksheets. Initially concerned that I might just be adding to my overflowing plate, the ease of Dr. Wells’ program was the right next step for me — not overwhelming in the least. Not only did I become more aware of where I was losing time in my business, her strategies helped me fine-tune my processes to achieve more, by doing less.
Dr. Shannon Reece
Reece International LLC

Contact me at info[at]understandingtimemanagement[dot]com to find out when the next program is scheduled to begin.

One-on-One Coaching

Are you a high-achiever ready to climb to the next level FAST? I invite those entrepreneurs who want personalized, one-on-one guidance from me to implement the strategies that will boost your productivity and reduce your stress levels QUICKLY to coach with me privately.

I was fortunate enough to obtain the advice and guidance of Dr. Monique Y. Wells with regard to a special project that I kept locked in my dreams and head for many years.

I knew in my heart that this project would be a huge undertaking and would require due diligence on my part. Instead of accepting this fact, I let fear paralyze me and fill my head with self-doubt and excuses as to why I could never achieve this goal.

Monique talked me through the fears and taught me the importance of owning the time I have by planning, prioritizing and focusing on my goals.

Although I would have loved to finish this project in a day, Monique explained to me that I needed to spend most of my time dealing with things that are important, but not urgent and that working on my project over a period of time would allow me to advance towards my goals. She helped me to visualize the project in bite size pieces, building my confidence as each piece was completed.

I admit that there were times that I almost scrapped my project but I would hear Monique say “We are the masters of our time; we are the masters of our destiny”.

Monique has truly inspired me to pursue my dreams and I can say without hesitation that Dr. Monique Y. Wells is truly the “Paris Muse of Time Management”.
Debbie Tremblay
“The Organizing Genie”

My coaching session with Monique exceeded my expectations. Our conversation and her questions helped me getting clarity on a number of important aspects of my business. Monique is very professional and I also feel very comfortable working with her.
Anna Persson
360 Entrepreneurship

Monique gets my highest recommendation as a time management coach…I appreciated her listening ability, her sharp comments, and the encouragement and understanding that created in me motivation to try new behaviors and time management strategies.
Ana Oliveira Pinto
Executive Development Consultant and Coach

John Battistoni

Marketing coach Tim Paulson suggested that I contact Monique when I needed direction in starting a business and felt overwhelmed about the process. After an engaging meeting with her during a recent trip to Paris and researching her online, I decided to work with her. Monique helped me articulate specific goals, sharpen my focus on what I need to do to accomplish my goals, and establish a thought process for deciding what to do first to move toward them. Using her six-step system, I was able to craft an elevator speech, narrow my target audience, and begin evaluating how to incorporate virtual assistant services into my business. I have set a target date for my most important goal and am moving forward with a feeling of hope and confidence that I can achieve it.

If you want an honest, professional, knowledgeable, and considerate mentor who cares about your progress, Monique will serve you well!
John Battistoni
“The Master of Empowering Mindset”

Here are the options available for working with me one-on-one:

VIP Coaching Days (Application only)—Ready to move FAST with some intense personal coaching to get you off and running right away? I hold a limited number of VIP Coaching Days each year. Apply to spend a virtual half or full VIP day with me via phone or Skype and I’ll coach you personally on your specific cause(s) of overwhelm.

These private mentoring sessions are your opportunity to:

  • Get super-clear on your business goals, your target market, and how you deliver your products and services.
  • Identify your most important projects (your definition of important, not mine!) and affirm how they serve your business goals and your niche.
  • Identify projects that are not serving your business.
  • Brainstorm ways of getting rid of these dead-weight projects to liberate precious hours in your work week.
  • Identify potential sources of overwhelm in your remaining projects.

Together, we’ll focus on strategies that give you back the joy and freedom you were looking for when you went into business in the first place. And you’ll be able to do this all with accountability and personal support from me.

Contact me at info[at]understandingtimemanagement[dot]com for more information.

One-month coaching—We’ll identify your most important source of overwhelm, create a strategy to overcome it, and begin the implementation process during 4 30-minute sessions over the period of one month. You will have action items to complete after every call.

On-line coaching—A less expensive version of One-month Coaching (see above), consisting of 1 30-minute kick-off call and 4 on-line lessons delivered by e-mail. You will have action items to complete after each lesson is delivered on-line.

BONUS: 15-minute follow-up accountability call for on-line coaching! Within a month after your last on-line lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with me to brag about your accomplishments and ask any questions that you may have.

For more details on One-month Coaching and On-line Coaching, contact me at info[at]understandingtimemanagement[dot]com .

Exclusive, longer-term one-on-one coaching options!

The Diamond Program (Application and interview required)—I work with only a select few private Diamond clients at a time. This exclusive, 12-month private coaching program is designed to deliver a high level of personal attention, coaching, accountability and information so you make powerful decisions and take inspired action towards achieving your unique vision of success. The program includes 22 coaching calls, email access to me via a private address, two virtual retreats and one live retreat (in Paris, France), recordings of all calls, and lots of other surprises and goodies along the way. Together, we’ll work on a plan that will help you get over overwhelm in your business, regain control of your workday, and increase your mastery of time in your home office. You’ll enjoy less stress and anxiety, experience a greater level of confidence, increase your income and open up opportunities that you’ve only dreamed of until now!

The Diamond program is only for the serious entrepreneur who is ready to step up and DAZZLE the world as the COE (Chief of Everything) of her company!

The Emerald Program (Application only)—The Emerald program is a 6-month coaching program designed for entrepreneurs who need more long-term guidance and support, and who would benefit from more one-on-one access to me. This program includes ten coaching calls, direct access to me at a private e-mail address, a full-day virtual retreat, and recordings of all coaching calls.

The Ruby Program—This 3-month program is for entrepreneurs who need an affordable and accessible way to work with me privately and kick start their success. You’ll enjoy 2 monthly one-on-one coaching call with me, as well as an electronic copy of my signature 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ System which is packed with tips, inspirational stories, exercises, and an in-depth example that will help support you in taking your business to the next level.

Regardless of the level of the program that you sign up for, I am looking forward to working with you!

Time is precious! Don’t waste another minute of yours in overwhelm. If you are ready to find peace through productivity, click on the link below to provide me with some preliminary information about you and your business:

Precious Gems Inquiry

We can then set up a time for a free discovery session to see if we are a good fit for working together.

If you would like additional information on these longer-term coaching options, send e-mail to:


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