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What if you could make your dream a reality by using the steps
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I’m Monique Wells, the Paris Muse of Productivity™. As a fellow solopreneur, I understand your frustration. I’ve been where you are right now, and I know how you feel: you know in your heart that there is “so much” you can give to the world and to your family, if only you had enough time!

When I created “Getting over Overwhelm,” my mission was to help women solopreneurs and women who work at home “get over overwhelm” by improving their mastery of time. I began teaching “time management” in the corporate world, but soon discovered that women solopreneurs often need to overcome time-based challenges just as much – if not more – than people working in larger businesses!

Today, I’ve expanded my outlook on this question to take a more holistic approach to ovewhelm so that I can empower you to become more productive. Not only do I show you how to master your use of time during your work day so that you can better implement your plans, I also help you win the “inner game” that all productive people must win – that of (re)connecting with yourself and your values, making self-care a priority, developing and trusting your intuition, and “getting over guilt.” This “inner game” will allow you to get clear and stay clear about what you want in your business and why. Only then will your daily and weekly business activities be truly productive.

Over the past several months, men have been joining the Getting over Overwhelm community. I have welcomed you with open arms because I know full well that overwhelm has no gender bias! I even received the following comment from a man who attended one of my “women solopreneur” time management workshops:

To get over overwhelm and to be able to manage your time is not a skill only women entrepreneurs and solopreneurs need – it is just as important for us men. The issues you mentioned in your presentation are also faced by males in their businesses and family life. We might be less able or willing to admit this, but I think most men recognize the situation and the difficult decisions that must be made regarding how we use our time. Your philosophy and training concept for Getting over Overwhelm is a perfect tool for us all – and I really hope you will share it with us male entrepreneurs too!

Kenneth OE Sundin
Uppsala, Sweden

We all – women and men – have a tremendous amount to contribute to society, but we can be our own worst enemies because of limiting beliefs and behaviors that we manifest in business. I want to help you overcome these challenges so you can reach your fullest, untapped potential while providing for yourself and your family financially. Make no mistake, the better you utilize time in your business, the better you will be able to deliver your products and services, the happier your clients will be, and the more you will be able to earn.

Why should you listen to me when there are so many “time management / productivity” experts on the Internet vying for your attention today? The answer is that I have created a tried-and-true, easy-to-implement SYSTEM that you can use immediately to get over your particular brand of overwhelm and become efficient in completing on-target tasks. This system is one-of-a-kind because it focuses you on your goals – the primary driver of your business activities!

I have found that failure to prioritize is the #1 reason for overwhelm among solopreneurs. My system ensures that you are working on the things that are most important to your business every day. This alone will cause your productivity to soar and force your overwhelm to fade away!

But there are many other reasons that solopreneurs and other professionals find themselves struggling with overwhelm. They include:

  • overcommitment
  • external challenges such as e-mail, phone calls, and social media
  • poor delegation / outsourcing capability
  • inability to focus on a given task

If one or more of these challenges resonates with you, or even if you have another challenge that is the source of your overwhelm, I would like the opportunity to explore with you the possibility of working together to “get you over your overwhelm” and begin to ACHIEVE MORE BY DOING LESS so that you can reach new heights in your business. Whether you prefer self-help (home study) training, group coaching, or one-on-one mentoring, there is a way for us to efficiently and effectively move you toward your goal. So let’s get started today! Schedule a discovery session with me by completing the form below and I’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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