Intuition is the Purest Form of Clarity


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Last time, I spoke about the importance of CLARITY with regard to productivity and said that our gut feeling about things – our INTUITION – is our clearest, purest, most on-target source of information when our conscious mind is uncertain about or overwhelmed by things. I also noted that those of us who live in the Western world have been well trained to suppress and ignore our intution.

My colleague Lee Milteer – productivity expert, intuitive business coach, and creator of Intuition: The New Common Sense* – says the following on the subject:

The internal part of yourself, the voice inside tells you when things feel right or wrong. For example, are you relaxed around the person you are asking the question about or do you feel uptight and uncomfortable? Keep in mind that your body does talk to you …. You have to pay attention to your own internal signals.

Trust your “gut feeling”. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are, it’s not right for you. What may be right for one person can be wrong for the next person. Your gut instinct, your inner voice, is always there for you when you take the time to pay attention and listen.

So how do you tune into your intuition?

Lee recommends that you:

  1. Outline exactly what solution you need.
  2. Allow your mind to play with each possible choice for a solution.
  3. Ask your intuition to give you a CLEAR SIGN or IMPRESSION on what to do.
  4. Then simply let it go.

Your answer will generally come to you when you least expect it to. According to Lee, “The more you agonize over the problem, the less likely you will be to allow your gut feelings to give you solutions.”

Lee also recommends that you:

…always LISTEN TO YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. This is because your intuition is able to communicate more clearly BEFORE you begin to cloud your mind with all sorts of other details. When you start looking at the details and cloud your mind, you are focusing more on the conscious part of your brain (ruled by the subconscious or unconscious part of your brain). Fear and indecision can then run rampant and deliver incorrect information. This leads to a decision based upon partial, tainted information. Your intuition knew the answer BEFORE this clouding began. Trust your first choice.

My experience confirms this. As someone who is passionate about the biological sciences and who has degrees and board certifications in veterinary medicine, veterinary pathology, and toxicology, I relentlessly pushed my intuition aside for years so that I could “sharpen my thinking abilities.” Even when I had strong intuitive hits about things, I always strove to ignore them because they “weren’t rational.” And when my intuition proved to be right and my “rational” decision proved to be wrong, I ignored that as well.

But no more! When I left the corporate world to run my own business, there were many times when I didn’t have a “rational” answer because I simply didn’t know enough. So I would decide to “sleep on” the question and decide the following morning. More and more frequently, the answer about how to proceed would come to me upon awakening, and sometimes even while sleeping. So I gradually began to learn that my intuition could serve me, and even serve me well.

Now I actively tune into my gut feeling and ask it to guide me. What I find to be more difficult is to listen to it when I’m not pondering a question or a decision to be made. I’m currently working on this challenge. Practice makes perfect…

How do you relate to your intuition? Leave a comment below to let me know.

For those of you in the United States, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

*I am an affiliate for this system because I have complete faith in Lee and her teachings. If you purchase, I will receive a commission.


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