Are you a dedicated, high-achieving solopreneur
who is struggling with overwhelm?

If the answer is yes, then this site is for you!

As someone who is operating a small business and working alone, how many times have you wished that you had enough time to focus on deciding whether to spend precious resources on a new revenue-generating project or to improve a product or service that you currently provide? How often is your train of thought derailed because you cannot find the paper file or the electronic document that you need to proceed with the work that you are doing? How frequently do you wish that you had someone to schedule and implement your outreach to current and past customers, instead of having to put aside something else to do it yourself—or worse, not do it at all?

All of these issues can lead to overwhelm in the workplace. The sooner we can “get over overwhelm,” the less stress and anxiety we suffer, the more productive we become, and the more profitable our businesses become.

In my free, three-part video training series called “Getting over Overwhelm” (originally conceived for women but 100% applicable to men), I share with you:

  • my personal struggle with overwhelm and how I overcame it,
  • the three biggest causes of overwhelm are among women solopreneurs and tips to overcome them, and
  • the three biggest mistakes that women solopreneurs make in utilizing tips to get over overwhelm.
Michele Kurlander

Attorney Michele Kurlander says that this video series reminds her of “what Tony Robbins and Steven Covey and all the big boys have already told me, but in a more succinct and useable way, and coming from the voice of someone I truly like. And know. And admire.”


Get immediate access to the video series by clicking HERE, and join me in exploring how you can get over overwhelm in your workplace quickly and for good!


Click here to listen to an interview that I gave to Christine Gallagher, Online Marketing and Social Media Trainer and Coach, about how I moved to Paris and began my descent into solopreneur overwhelm, how I emerged from it, and how I help others along their journey toward “getting over overwhelm”!

Interview length: ~32 minutes


For more information about “Getting over Overwhelm” training and coaching, contact me at info[at]understandingtimemanagement[dot]com.

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