Get Insane Results Fast – Really?


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A few days ago, I received an e-mail message announcing Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge.

Near the end of the text is a link that leads to the (beautiful) squeeze (sales) page for the program. One of the headlines that is meant to inspire you reads:


I recoiled when I saw this. While I understand that the entire purpose of the 100 Day Challenge is to encourage you to be productive – to accomplish great things by getting off to a monumental start on 2014 – as a productivity expert, I feel that this message is counterproductive.

First of all, why would anyone want “insane” results?

What ARE “insane” results? Are they so “over the top” that they test the limits of a sane person’s imagination?

And even if they are attainable, are they likely to be SUSTAINABLE?

I think not.

What about getting these results “fast”?

We all appreciate the lure of quickly achieving something that we desire. It bolsters confidence and instills a sense of pride. Bu t even getting “sane” results quickly represents a real challenge for most people. So it seems to me that expecting, or even trying, to achieve “insane” results quickly is an invitation to disappointment and dejection, and for some, despair.

Now there are times when a person has his or her back against the wall and the only choice other than to “get insane results fast” is to perish – physically, financially, or emotionally. But I’m guessing that 99% of the people who will eventually sign up for this program are not in such a predicament.

There is also the contention that if you set out to “get insane results fast” and you achieve even half of them, you’ve done wonderfully well. I have no argument with the achievement, but again, I raise the question of sustainability.

The bottom line for the 100 Day Challenge – or any challenge, for that matter – is to be able to answer the question “What is my true objective in undertaking this?” If it is simply to prove to yourself that you can do it, then accept the challenge. It may well be an enriching experience for you. And if your goal is to do something that only needs to be achieved once – such as paying off a loan – then it could be well worth it.

But if your true objective is to achieve lasting results by forming new habits and adopting a long-term change in mindset, then I suggest scaling down from “insane” results and not worrying so much about getting results quickly. Instead, set a goal that moves you just beyond your comfort zone and prepare to take baby steps to reach it, rewarding yourself each step of the way.

You can take a lot of baby steps in 100 days.

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