The 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ System


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Are you a dedicated, highly motivated solopreneur or small business owner who:

  • Feels like you are always working but not making progress in your business
  • Wants to increase revenues without working harder
  • Is constantly having to choose between working and spending quality time with family and friends
  • Wants to reclaim control over your workday
  • Is ready for something that can guide and help you along your path

The 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ system will help you:

  • Reinforce a sense of purpose for your business
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Make you comfortable with what you are not doing each day
  • Increase your earnings due to greater focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Decrease your stress and increase your job satisfaction. . .
  • And much more!


Lee Milteer, Intuitive Business Coach, Award Winning BEST Selling Author, and International Acclaimed Speaker, commented on the 6 Simple Steps system by saying:

Monique knows her stuff!!!

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Prioritizing for Productivity

Formerly entitled
“The Best Way to Overcome the Number 1 Cause of Overwhelm
among Women Solopreneurs”



A survey conducted among women solopreneurs (aka solo professionals, women working alone) and women who work from home revealed that

poor prioritization / failure to prioritize

is the Number 1 reason for overwhelm among this subgroup of women entrepreneurs. In this e-book, I share with you – the woman solopreneur and the woman who works from home – the best way to overcome this hurdle so that you can breathe new life into your business!

How will effective prioritization of your projects and tasks help you to improve your business? It’s simple, really. Effective prioritization allows you to:

  • produce better quality work
  • serve more clients in your niche
  • expand your client base to include a new niche
  • earn more income
  • enjoy less stress at work
  • take more time off

How does effective prioritization allow you to accomplish this? By ensuring that you work on the things that are most important to your business every day.

If you are struggling with how to do what’s most important for your business each and every day, this book is a MUST READ for you.

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Sandy Lawrence

I had Monique’s book for a few months, waiting to have time to read it and to write this review. Finally, I heard that Monique was coming to Houston and I realized that to keep my integrity I had to read her book. Imagine my surprise and delight to find that the “secret” to overcoming the overwhelm I was experiencing, providing a systematic way to prioritize all those items on my “To do list,” was there in my Inbox all the time. My overwhelm, caused by an influx of new clients, which is a good thing, had also stopped me. Monique Wells so clearly demonstrated some step by step processes to prioritize my lists and put an action plan in place. I can’t say I enjoyed the book – too many truths hit home; I can say that there were a number of tips and resources that I plan to incorporate into my business life. My biggest “aha” from the book was that by making everything a priority – nothing was a priority. Thank you Monique for this enlightening message!

Sandy Lawrence
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Monique has a very good way of explaining and expressing the symptoms and causes of overwhelm. The content delivered in this eBook goes straight into the heart of the entrepreneur who has hit “the brick” wall at any point in their career. Understanding there are ways to free yourself from overwhelm is a magical tool. Monique delivers the tools in a very easy to swallow formula. If you have ever felt overwhelmed in your business, this eBook gives you the tools you need to never get to that point again. Thank you Monique for sharing your story and giving us, the readers, the tools we need to escape the Wonder Woman Syndrome!

Araceli Gonzalez
Business Productivity Mentor & Founder of

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Getting over Marketing Overwhelm



Online marketing can be utterly overwhelming, particularly for new entrepreneurs. A large part of the challenge relates to coming to terms with the technology involved, but the most important part is deciding which activities to include in your “online marketing portfolio.” Once you’ve decided what marketing methods you will use, you’ve then got to find the time to implement them effectively.

Get ready to take a “30,000-foot view” of how to approach marketing for your online business with


This e-book emphasizes the thought process that you need to adopt to select your marketing tools and specific “time management/productivity” principles and practices that will help you implement them effectively. Productivity and peace of mind are what you’ll experience once you apply what you learn from reading it!

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