Dr. Monique Y. Wells

I’m Dr. Monique Y. Wells, the “Paris Muse of Productivity™.” I was born and raised in the United States, but now live and work in Paris, France. My mission is to help you – the dedicated, high-achieving solopreneur or small business owner – “get over overwhelm” in your business so that you can enjoy less stress, more income, greater job satisfaction, and better life balance!

I speak fluent French…but the language that I want to speak with you is the language of making productivity easy so you can “get over overwhelm” and become the most productive person you can be! To learn more about me and how we can work together so that you can achieve your business/professional goals, continue reading below!

What types of clients do you work with? What are they like personally?

I began working with women solopreneurs and women who work from home who operate service-based businesses and who are in business for themselves because they are driven by a passion to serve their niche market – whatever that may be. Because of popular demand, I now also work with men who are solopreneurs and with women and men who work in the corporate world.

I cater to the 40+ crowd and work best with passionate, dedicate professionals who are:

  • looking to regain control over their workday
  • self-confident and have a positive outlook on life
  • committed to success
  • not afraid to take action
  • not excuse-makers

In addition, my clients are:

  • high achievers/overachievers
  • innovative
  • self-aware, or trying to be
  • always striving for excellence
  • not afraid of change

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a “Go To” person for “getting over overwhelm” among solopreneurs?

I’ve been a woman solopreneur and a woman who works from home for several years now. My husband and I launched our travel planning service from a home office in 1999, and I launched my consulting firm in preclinical safety assessment (don’t worry about what this is!) in 2002.

I’ve always been a self-starter and was eager to leave the corporate world when I launched my solopreneur consulting firm. I had a multi-six-figure business until the onset of the recession in late 2008 – early 2009, when the bottom fell out of my niche market. Many of my colleagues were being laid off or given early retirement packages and trying to decide whether they wanted to open consultancies similar to mine, while others who remained at their corporate jobs were left with much greater workloads to handle. Thinking that I would be able to keep my name “out there” in my network and earn some money while waiting for the market to bounce back, I began training my colleagues in time management principles and practices.

The teleseminar series that I designed specifically for the needs of these colleagues was quite successful in that I got repeat business from two major organizations and rave reviews from participants in my training course. The only problem was that I could not enroll enough participants to begin to replace the income that I earned when my consultancy was booming if I focused solely on this market.

Through my involvement with the travel industry, I was presented the opportunity to provide Mastermind Webinars in time management for a national US travel organization. The Webinar series was also very well received, and I made the discovery that many (if not most) solo travel agents are women who work from home.

This led me to target a new market: women solopreneurs and women who work from home. My mission is to help you “get over overwhelm” in your business so that you can enjoy less stress, more income, greater job satisfaction, and greater life balance – more guilt-free time to spend with your family and friends outside of work.

I had my own crisis with overwhelm at about the same time that the recession of the late 2000s hit. I was suffering from what I call the “Wonder Woman Syndrome” – I thought that I could be everything and do everything for everyone, and get it all right the first time! I’m sure you can imagine that this did not work out well for me – and in fact, it didn’t. I was chronically tired, came down with stress-related illnesses, and was becoming more and more irritated by my husband’s and my business relationship when I realized that something had to change. That something was me!

I learned a “secret” from business mastery expert Brian Tracy that I took to heart: I looked at all the projects that I was working on in my businesses, asked myself whether they were truly aligned with my goals, and started crossing off the ones that weren’t. Somehow they had crept onto my list because they seemed interesting, because they “might lead to something,” because, because, because! As soon as I was able to pull out of these projects, I was able to focus on what was truly important for my businesses based on my goals. This made all the difference in the world – in my health, in my relationship with my husband, and with the bottom line of our businesses!

Based on this experience, I created a simple, six-step system for getting over overwhelm specifically for women like me – the over 40, “super hero” women solopreneur. Because our success in business is intricately related to our mastery of time, I fully implemented my experience in time management training and coaching in creating the system.

The work that I do with my clients is based on this system. Once you complete the six-step process, you’ll have a new mindset and a tried-and-true blueprint that you’ll carry forward to keep overwhelm out of your business forever!

How are you different from other coaches and mentors?

My products, programs, and live events are different because they force you to look closely at your goals, which is something that most other coaches only pay lip service to – if they mention goals at all. Others assume that you should be working on all the projects that you currently have on your list. I help you to critically evaluate your list and ELIMINATE low-value projects from it, so that a path is cleared for focusing on your most important projects and identifying any aspects within them that may lead to overwhelm.

Progress, not perfection” is the motto of my training and mentoring programs. None of us is perfect, and there will always be times when we stray from our chosen path. My mission is keep you moving forward on the road to getting over overwhelm despite these setbacks so that you can achieve increased productivity and profitability in your small business environment.

What kind of person will your products, programs and events NOT work for?

I do my best to ensure that the women I work with have the characteristics that I describe above. It would do neither my clients nor me any good to take on persons who are not a good fit for my programs, products, and events.

Note that I don’t work with people who constantly complain, make excuses, or don’t believe in their own power and ability to succeed. There will always be moments where we stumble, or even fall, but the professionals I work with have the confidence and courage to get right back up and continue moving forward. I bring much more energy and drive to sessions with my clients if I can focus on helping them move forward rather than concentrating on the things they believe are holding them back. This makes each session a “win-win.”

My products, programs and events are not for those who are in extreme financial difficulty. I know what it means to struggle in business and I know that many times we are not able to make the best decisions or be forward thinking when we are always worried about money. If this is the case for you at present, my best advice to you is to focus clearly on what you can do now to improve your financial state. Perhaps this means taking a part-time job, or not quitting your full time job yet if you are poised to launch a business. There is nothing wrong with this at all! Once you feel that you are financially stable, you can turn your attention back toward building your business. I’ll be here to help when you are ready!

In the meantime, I encourage you to sign up for my free, 3-part video series by clicking on the following link and entering your name and e-mail address in the box in the right sidebar: It is both practical and inspirational. When you do so, you’ll automatically be added to the mailing list for my bi-weekly (éx per month) e-zine, which will keep you up to date on all the latest tips and tools for getting over overwhelm as well as inspire you to stay focused and moving toward your goals. You’ll also receive information about teleclasses that I organize with productivity experts and others to deliver loads of valuable content that you can use immediately.

Then, when the time comes, you’ll be much more prepared to work with me one-on-one!

What is the “ 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™” system and what is included?

To get over overwhelm and maximize your productivity in your business, you need to evaluate the business from both a bird’s-eye view and a ground level view. The system takes you through the following:

Step 1. Background check – you will perform this exercise to be sure that you are crystal clear about what your business/professional goals are, who you serve, and how you deliver your product or service.

Step 2. Identify and evaluate the 3 most important projects that you are working on right now – you will write these projects down and indicate how they are aligned with your business goals and how they serve your niche. This is a crucial step, because we cannot begin to decide what you can eliminate from your project list until we have prioritized it.

Step 3. List and evaluate the remaining projects on your list – you will perform the same exercise from Step 2, but you will do this for the “other” projects on your list. In doing so, you’ll automatically begin to evaluate why these projects made their way onto your list in the first place.

Step 4. Identify the projects from Steps 2 and 3 that are dead-weight projects and make plans to pull out of them as soon as possible.

Step 5. Evaluate the truly important projects that remain for elements that may lead to overwhelm. We will look at potential challenges with prioritization, overcommitment, and external influences here.

Step 6. Select the most important cause of overwhelm in them and create a plan to overcome it. There may be a common cause for overwhelm that runs through all of your important projects, or there may be something different about a particular project that leads you into overwhelm. We’ll identify these, select the most important one, and work on diminishing or eliminating this one first. Once you’ve gotten this under control to your satisfaction, then we’ll work on the second most important cause of your overwhelm, and so on.

These are steps that you’ll be able to use again and again, whenever you feel overwhelm is creeping back into your business. The system is timeless, and this is part of what makes it so valuable!

Does this truly work?

Yes! I am living proof of it! When you commit to following the steps and completing the exercises, there will be no doubt in your mind of the progress that you’ll see!

Tell me more about what kind of results I can expect.

You can expect to:

  • attain greater clarity of vision regarding your business / your professional goals
  • conquer the feeling of “spinning your wheels” and wasting time
  • experience less stress due to overcommitment
  • feel comfortable about what you are not doing at work each day
  • experience less guilt about spending time away from work
  • increase your productivity
  • increase your sales
  • save money
  • better serve your niche market
  • increase the quality of your products and services
  • increase your motivation
  • have fewer dissatisfied clients
  • get more client referrals
  • serve more clients in your niche
  • expand your business to serve new niches
  • take more time off
  • improve your management skills
  • expand and strengthen your network
  • increase your possibilities for joint ventures
  • provide inspiration for colleagues

How quickly can I expect results?

This depends on several factors, including your level of commitment and the extent of your overwhelm. However, most people see results within the first couple of months, and often weeks, depending on how quickly you are able to disengage from dead-weight projects. Crossing off even one low-impact project from your list can free up hours of your time per week, and relieve you of a great deal of stress every day!

How can I be sure to get the results that I am looking for?

Complete all the exercises that I give you, and follow through on the revelations that these exercises produce. Realize that overnight success is virtually non-existent, but note that you will feel increasingly empowered upon completing each exercise. You are going to shed low-impact projects quickly, which will liberate hours during your work week for more productive, targeted activities. You’ll do this much more quickly with me and my system than if you act alone. I’ll be there to guide you so that the cure for your overwhelm doesn’t add to your existing state of overwhelm.

Will I recoup the investment I make with you?

Yes! What would liberating one to two hours every day be worth to you? How many more clients could you serve in those extra hours every week?

Chances are great that you’ll earn what you invest in 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ many times over. You are going to develop a new mindset and learn skills that you can use over the course of your entire business career!

While you are acquiring the skills that will allow you to squelch overwhelm over the long term, you’ll receive valuable tips to get you moving quickly so that you can build your confidence. You’ll also receive links to resources that are providing the best expertise in the business for various causes of overwhelm such as online marketing and technophobia. You’ll progress far more rapidly with me and my 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ system than if you tried to figure everything out for yourself. I know you are investing in results, not in getting more “shelf help” or information to add to your already overwhelmed brain!

Monique, you are the one to help me get over my overwhelm. How can we get started?

Terrific! I’m honored to help you achieve the success that you’re looking for! Let me introduce you to the products and programs that I currently have to offer you:

  1. I recommend that you begin with The 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ system. This contain all the elements you need to make a quantum leap toward efficiency, effectiveness, and increased revenue. Click here for more details.
  3. Once you’ve delved into the 6-step system, get more in-depth training, coaching and support by joining my 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ group mentoring Program. This program is the “live” version of what you learn in the system e-document. I purposely keep the group small so that I can provide you with personalized attention. You’ll enjoy 6 training videos and 2 live Q&A calls, a private, online discussion forum, and recordings of all calls. This is a natural next step if you’re looking for personal support as you work through the 6 steps. Contact me at info[at]understandingtimemanagement[dot]com to find out when the next program is scheduled to begin.
  4. Are you a high-achiever who is ready to climb to the next level as quickly as possible? I invite those entrepreneurs and committed, visionary professionals who want personalized, one-on-one guidance from me to implement the strategies that will boost your productivity and reduce your stress levels QUICKLY to coach with me privately.

There are several different options available for working with me one-on-one:

VIP Days (Application only)—Ready to move FAST with some intense personal coaching to get you off and running right away? I hold a limited number of VIP Days each year. Apply for this ~4-hour virtual session with me (conducted via phone or Skype) and I’ll mentor you personally on your greatest productivity challenge and help you create a plan to overcome it and move your business forward.

These private mentoring retreats are your opportunity to:

  • Get super-clear on your business/professional goals, your target market, and how you deliver your products and services.
  • Identify your most important projects (your definition of important, not mine!) and affirm how they serve your goals and your niche.
  • Identify projects that are not serving you.
  • Brainstorm ways of getting rid of these dead-weight projects to liberate precious hours in your work week.
  • Identify potential sources of overwhelm in your remaining projects.

Together, we’ll focus on strategies that give you back the joy and freedom you were looking for when you went into business or launched your professional career in the first place.

If you’d like to take a giant step forward in creating and implementing a business plan or a plan for a particular business project, click here to tell me more about what you want to accomplish. We can then set up a time for a free discovery session to see if we are a good fit for working together.

One-month coaching—We’ll identify your most important source of overwhelm, create a strategy to overcome it, and begin the implementation process during 4 30-minute sessions over the period of one month. You will have action items to complete after every call and you’ll have accountability and personal support from me.

On-line coaching—A less expensive version of One-month Coaching (see above), consisting of 1 30-minute kick-off call and 4 on-line lessons delivered by e-mail. You will have action items to complete after each lesson is delivered on-line.

BONUS: 15-minute follow-up accountability call for on-line coaching! Within a month after your last on-line lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with me to brag about your accomplishments and ask any questions that you may have.

For more details on any of these one-on-one coaching options, contact me at info[at]understandingtimemanagement[dot]com.

PRECIOUS GEMS: Exclusive Longer-term One-on-one Coaching Options!

The Diamond Program (Application and interview required)—I work with only a select few private Diamond clients at a time. This exclusive, 12-month private coaching program is designed to deliver a high level of personal attention, coaching, accountability and information so you make powerful decisions and take inspired action towards achieving your unique vision of success. The program includes 22 coaching calls, email access to me via a private address, two virtual retreats and one live retreat (in Paris, France), recordings of all calls, and lots of other surprises and goodies along the way. Together, we’ll work on a plan that will help you get over overwhelm, regain control of your workday, and increase your mastery of time in your business or professional environment. You’ll enjoy less stress and anxiety, experience a greater level of confidence, increase your income and open up opportunities that you’ve only dreamed of until now!

The Diamond program is only for the serious entrepreneur who is ready to step up and DAZZLE the world as the COE (Chief of Everything) of her company!

The Emerald Program (Application only)—The Emerald program is a 6-month coaching program designed for those who need long-term guidance and support, and who would benefit from more one-on-one access to me. This program includes ten coaching calls, direct access to me at a private e-mail address, a full-day virtual retreat, and recordings of all coaching calls.

The Ruby Program (Application only)—This 3-month program is for entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who need an affordable and accessible way to work with me privately to kick start their success. You’ll enjoy 2 monthly one-on-one coaching call with me, as well as an electronic copy of my signature 30-Day Productivity Kick Start™ system, which is packed with tips, inspirational stories, testimonials, exercises, and an in-depth example that will help support you in taking your business to the next level.

For more information on these longer-term coaching options, send e-mail to:


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